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It's been a while since I've made icons (and I even added in two banners), so yeah.

Also, attempted some coloring. Opinions on how I did would be wonderful!

Kotomi-chan ;; /Clannad )
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OK, so in [ profile] pokedressing, a Black Adventures Ν, Black, and White have shown up, and I now have a serious urge to play Moe Moe Kyun Cheren from the same series. /I'm also tempted to watch K-On! because of that scene but quite frankly it still doesn't seem as great as others claim it is

I've even started coloring the art sob. /and this kind of coloring job is easy which makes it even more tempting

And if I do go through with this it'd be nice if someone would pick up Bel (I think the person is keeping it as Bel?) to get meido!Cheren scenes, since I will be iconing that too.
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I can't believe how well this works.

Take an egg, put it in the box, make sure when using L or R to switch boxes (you must use L or R) that a Pokemon is in the same place in the box before or after it. Then, while looking at that Pokemon, wait until the cycle between Held Item-Type(s)-Nature is about to change from Type(s) to Nature and then switch boxes with L or R. If you got the timing right you can quickly see the Egg's nature.

Maybe I'm out-of-date and everyone else knew about this already, but I thought it was a pretty cool trick. Credit goes to Tara for bringing it up.
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This time, it's of Pokemon Green!

I guess this is also sort of a group thing with Shy ([ profile] shyryni), Yak ([ profile] cockknight), and Curi ([ profile] curimuch). Shy's doing Red, Yak's doing Blue, and Curi's doing Yellow.

Gotta love crappy translations )

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This is for people who have VDex accounts <3 I promise to send chocolate back to anyone who gives me some, so unless you choose to send anonymously expect something back from me!
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Finally uploaded some icons for all to use~

S a m p l e s

Also, see if you can discover my latest OTP in there~
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This is for the English release, obviously. And for some of them I need nickname/gender suggestions. For my Black team I want their nicknames to be from certain fandoms of mine, while for White I want favorite names of mine. For Gray (if it exists) I want a mix.

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Why'd you introduce me to this:

I will never stop playing with it now ;;
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Yup, that be my VDex team at the moment. Add me if you have an account too.
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The rules I'm following can be found in my first post.

And actually, I was originally planning on having the rule "Fight any wild Pokemon you come across, unless your own Pokemon is low on health", but I decided to nix that.

ANYWAYS, the important stuff:

Gots me a full team, I do. )
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Well, seeing how I've now got my laptop and DS back, I decided it was time to try something I never have before: A Nuzlocke Challenge.

For those who don't know what it is, I'll just say this: It's a special challenge, and anyone can add their own rules, as long as these two rules are in play:

~Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.

~The player may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokemon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.

So, here are my added on rules:

~Healing items bought at a Poke Mart may not be used. This includes any sort of Potion, Full Restores, Antidotes, Paralyz Heals, Awakenings, Burn Heals, Ice Heals, and Full Heals. Ethers and Elixirs are allowed, as well as any sort of "natural" healing items (EnergyPowders, Energy Roots, and Heal Powders), food (berries and Lava Cookies) and drink (Moomoo Milk, Lemonade, etc.). Rare Candies, temporary stat-enhancing items (X-_s, Guard Specs., Dire Hits), and permanent stat-enhancing items (Carboses, PP Ups, HP Ups, etc.) may also be used.

~Exceptions to the second required rule ("catching the first Pokemon encountered in each area") includes shinies, encountering "repeat" Pokemon (like finding a Zigzagoon in one area after catching one from another), accidentally fainting the first encounter, and Pokemon that do not require having a Poke Ball thrown at them (the Wynaut egg, Shedinja, Beldum, etc.).

~All Pokemon are to be nicknamed (which is what I do anyways).

~If I get a white-out, it's Game Over, regardless if I have Pokemon in the box or not.

OK, so here's my stats so far:

Using artwork rather than sprites :V )

This'll be public, namely because I wanna show it in more places than one.
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Hey, when there's a blizzard right outside your window and you really can't go anywhere, what else would you do?

The icons I made are from the PokeSpecial version of the Clannad opening Megamel/Megameru.

I'm not that great at icon making, so yeah ^^' If ya wanna use any of them, though, make sure to give me credit~ Or else I'll probably hunt you down and stalk you until you do...or something.

Icons Away! )

Edit: And look, I bring more :D Also from a PokeSpecial vid, something along the lines of "Fly! PokeSupe Angel of Darkness".

Edit AGAIN: Even more LJ Icons <3 This time from Fairy Tail~ Here~


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