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It's been a while since I've made icons (and I even added in two banners), so yeah.

Also, attempted some coloring. Opinions on how I did would be wonderful!

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Finally uploaded some icons for all to use~

S a m p l e s

Also, see if you can discover my latest OTP in there~
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Because I was bored, I decided to totally revamp my icon space :D

So now, rather than have random icons from different series, all my icons are from one series--Fairy Tail~ Most the icons are from the same episode, too. There's also one from my original icon space I just had to keep.

Dunno how long I'll feel like having this sort of theme, but most the icons I had before (not including ones I got from icon communities or other people on here) are uploaded on my Imageshack account, so I guess I can retrieve them whenever.

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Oh Pixiv, why must you have so many awesome fanarts that I can turn into icons? ;_; I only have so much space in how many icons I can have, and I'm too poor to get a paid account for myself ;_;

On another note, I need ideas for a oneshot. It's been too long since I've last wrote one of those things >.>
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Hey, when there's a blizzard right outside your window and you really can't go anywhere, what else would you do?

The icons I made are from the PokeSpecial version of the Clannad opening Megamel/Megameru.

I'm not that great at icon making, so yeah ^^' If ya wanna use any of them, though, make sure to give me credit~ Or else I'll probably hunt you down and stalk you until you do...or something.

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Edit: And look, I bring more :D Also from a PokeSpecial vid, something along the lines of "Fly! PokeSupe Angel of Darkness".

Edit AGAIN: Even more LJ Icons <3 This time from Fairy Tail~ Here~


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