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This is for the English release, obviously. And for some of them I need nickname/gender suggestions. For my Black team I want their nicknames to be from certain fandoms of mine, while for White I want favorite names of mine. For Gray (if it exists) I want a mix.


[Haru :: Female]
So its Japanese name is "Jalorda", now? ...I think I'll stick with Jaroda. Anyways, I love Tsutaja so I'm going to definitely start with it when I get English!Black.

[Soul :: Male]
If you don't like this thing, then something is very much wrong with you. Unfortunately, though, unless I receive it in a trade, it'll take a while for me to get this.

[Kid (Male)/Wendy (Female) :: Gender Unknown]
If anyone actually looked at this again and wonders why there's a fox instead of a kitty, I'm gonna get a Zorua egg over to my English Black and raise me a Zoroark.

[Kazune (Male)/Himeka (Female) :: Gender Unknown]
Its an Electric/Bug type, guys. This thing is cool. A friend's gonna trade me an egg of this thing's first form when the games come out so I no longer know what gender it'll end up as.

[Kamina :: Male]
I originally had no nickname for this until I saw this on Bulbapedia: "Waruvile has a similar appearance to the character Kamina from the anime Gurren Lagann". ...I will never see this Pokemon as anything else.

[Lucy :: Female]
ISN'T IT ADORABLE? <333 On top of that, I love its design.


[Shelley :: Female]
Well, there's one starter I haven't really used, so let's go with this one~ And she'll be Shelley because I'm slightly uncreative (it's spelled with a second "e" because of Mary Shelley).

[Grace :: Female]
It's pretty, isn't it~? Its nickname also comes from the fact that I named my Bellossom in my imported SS "Grace". Plus, it is pretty graceful-looking just like Bellossom, ya know?

[Faust :: Male]
I love its pre-evo., and its creepiness just makes it awesome. It's creepy in a cool way, not in a scary way like Dasutodasu. Faust is a reference to the guy who sold his soul to the devil, but if you want to think of Faust VIII from Shaman King that works too <3

[Aria :: Female]
It's an awesome Dragon, though it looks more like a centipede to me (though not as much as my awesome speedy defensive centipede, Karin <3). Her name comes from the fact that music is my life and it kind of fits her in a way.

[Ambrose (Male)/Aurelia (Female) :: Gender Unknown]
God this thing will be a pain to train. I mean, it finally evolves at level 64. And even still, it evolves from a llama (I still see it as one) into a two-headed dragon at level 50. Sure you get it at a high level in Victory Road, but still. Although at this point, I decided to get me an egg in my imported Black and then transfer that over to White. Both Ambrose and Aurelia seem like badass yet elegant names, so I have no regrets with these choices.

[Renji :: Male]
In the end, I decided to go with this if Gray really does come out (or even if it doesn't). I only want Daruma Mode Hihidaruma, so I'll have to wait a bit to get it. And Renji comes from "orenji", which is Japanese for orange. And I got that from orangutan, which is where part of this thing's English name likely came from.


[Nickname Undecided :: Female]
Guess who's gonna go with a piggy again~? Most likely I'll also get Gray imported, but I don't feel like coming up with a team for that right now.

[Chamo :: Female]
Ermine ftw.

[Nickname Undecided :: Female]
It looks weird in the anime. But oh well, it's a cool Pokemon.

[Nickname Undecided :: Female]

[Nickname Undecided :: Male]
After thinking about it for a while, I decided to go with this guy instead of the turtle, despite its ability.

[Simon :: Male]
WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE IS?! Well, because of his species name and whatnot, it's pretty fitting, no?
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