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The rules I'm following can be found in my first post.

And actually, I was originally planning on having the rule "Fight any wild Pokemon you come across, unless your own Pokemon is low on health", but I decided to nix that.

ANYWAYS, the important stuff:

Male ♒ Total Pokemon: 7 ♒ Current Location: Route 106
Evolved Pokemon: 2 ♒ Fully Evolved Pokemon: 1 ♒ Fallen Pokemon: 0


R e g a l
My most reliable Pokemon at the moment. Met at Route 101.
Male ♔ Level 16 ♔ Brave
Peck ♔ Double Kick ♔ Focus Energy ♔ Ember

R u t e e
The Dark Horse of the team. Met at Route 102.
Female ♞ Level 10 ♞ Lonely
Headbutt ♞ Growl ♞ Tail Whip ♞ Cut

C o l e t t e
My second caught Pokemon, and one of my most loyal members. Met at Route 104.
Female ♛ Level 15 ♛ Docile
Wing Attack ♛ Growl ♛ Focus Energy ♛ Quick Attack

E s t e l l i s e
My third caught Pokemon, and the weakest at the moment, but shows great potential. Met at Petalburg Woods.
Male ♙ Level 10 ♙ Lax
Harden ♙ Absorb

R e i d
My fourth caught Pokemon, and a second Dark Horse. Met at Route 103.
Male ♘ Level 12 ♘ Relaxed
Growl ♘ Water Gun ♘ Supersonic

Z e l o s
My fifth caught Pokemon, and actually strong despite its looks. Met at Rusturf Tunnel.
Male ♖ Level 10 ♖ Careful
Pound ♖ Uproar


S h i r l e y
Met at Route 116.
Female ♈ Level 6 ♈ Bold
Scratch ♈ Harden ♈ Leech Life

First off, "Rutee" is still "Rumee" (I'm hopefully gonna be in Slateport and have done the name change by the next update), and when naming Estellise, I was thinking how it sounded pretty for a pretty Pokemon, and didn't pay any attention to the gender until after the name changing was done. He's staying "Estellise" anyhow.

Next, I was -lucky- not to come across any Pokemon in Route 103 before fighting my rival. Seeing how Route 104 is still Route 104 after coming out of Petalburg, I couldn't get me a Wingull there, so I went all the way back in order to get him.

Oh yes, and I don't mean to brag, but here are the things Rutee has picked up for me. Keep in mind this list includes ALL THE THINGS she's picked up thus far:

.:Super Potion x3 (which I've sold for quite a bit)
.:Ultra Ball x2
.:PP Up x2
.:King's Rock

It isn't in any particular order, though Protein was the last thing she got and an Ultra Ball the first. I. Love. Her. If she dies, I'll be pretty damn sad. The same if Colette and Regal die.

Anyways, progress. Reid OHKOed Roxanne's Geodude with Water Gun, and I Focus Energy-ed Regal before Double Kicking Nosepass, which kept using Harden, save for a Potion Roxanne used on it. 'Course, after that Potion, Regal finally managed a critical hit upon it. Needless to say, Roxanne dealt 0 damage to my Pokemon. After that, I pretty much did what I was supposed to do and arrived in Dewford.

Final thing: Yeah, I think anyone who knows the series where my naming pattern comes from should recognize it by now XD;
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