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This time, it's of Pokemon Green!

I guess this is also sort of a group thing with Shy ([ profile] shyryni), Yak ([ profile] cockknight), and Curi ([ profile] curimuch). Shy's doing Red, Yak's doing Blue, and Curi's doing Yellow.

Title screen! ...Because I can.

Lucia can be a boy's name too all right. Just look at Lucia Raregroove from Rave.

HI CURI. Since Shy's rival is Yak and Yak's rival is Shy, that makes Curi my rival :D

My starter, Bulbasaur. Going along with Shy's and Yak's starter nicknaming scheme (Ifrit for Charmander and Shiva for Squirtle), I named my Bulbasaur Cuchu, after Cúchulainn (/stupid 5 character limit). Right now Cuchu's an Ivysaur.

My second Pokemon, a Nidoran Female <3 I named her Abby because it was the first name to pop into my head o3o

My third Pokemon, a Metapod. I truly battled a zillion wild Pokemon just to get it to level 10. And then I learned that Butterfree doesn't learn Confusion at level 10 in RGB like it does in Yellow. So I had to wait 'til After Brock before I trained it some more. Named it Chou because Chou means Butterfly in Japanese.

My fourth Pokemon, Beo, is a Pidgey, named after Beowulf/Beomon because Idk.

My fifth Pokemon, a Spearow. I named it Geoff after Geoffrey Chaucer to sort of go along with Beo being named after Beowulf.

And so, I managed to beat Brock. Cuchu pretty much OHKOed both his Pokemon at level 14, so yeah. Right now I'm on my way to Mt. Moon, where I stopped for the night. However, before I caught Geoff, Beo was KOed by a Leer-happy Spearow owned by a trainer (doesn't it figure a Spearow replaces Beo?).

RIP Beo, levels 5-10.
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