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The rules I'm following can be found in my first post.

Male ♒ Total Pokemon: 11 ♒ Current Location: Route 110
Evolved Pokemon: 2 ♒ Fully Evolved Pokemon: 1 ♒ Fallen Pokemon: 3


R e g a l
My most reliable Pokemon at the moment. Met at Route 101.
Male ♔ Level 20 ♔ Brave
Peck ♔ Double Kick ♔ Focus Energy ♔ Ember

R u t e e
The Dark Horse of the team. Met at Route 102.
Female ♞ Level 16 ♞ Lonely
Headbutt ♞ Sand Attack ♞ Tail Whip ♞ Cut

C o l e t t e
My second caught Pokemon, and one of my most loyal members. Met at Route 104.
Female ♛ Level 19 ♛ Docile
Wing Attack ♛ Double Team ♛ Focus Energy ♛ Quick Attack

P r e s e a
She's Estellise's replacement, but a lot more reliable. Met at Granite Cave.
Female ♝ Level 14 ♝ Adamant ♝ Quick Claw
Metal Claw ♝ Harden ♝ Mud-Slap ♝ Headbutt

N a n a l y
Zelos and Reid's replacement, hopefully she'll avenge them. Met at Route 110.
Female ♟ Level 12 ♟ Mild
Tackle ♟ Thunder Wave ♟ Leer ♟ Howl


S h i r l e y
Met at Route 116.
Female ♈ Level 6 ♈ Bold
Scratch ♈ Harden ♈ Leech Life


E s t e l l i s e
Met at Petalburg Woods. Fell to a Team Aqua Grunt at Slateport City.
Male ☠ Level 11 ☠ Lax
Harden ☠ Absorb ☠ Flash

Z e l o s
Met at Rusturf Tunnel. Fell to May on Route 110.
Male ☠ Level 15 ☠ Careful
Pound ☠ Uproar ☠ Astonish ☠ Howl

R e i d
Met at Route 103. Fell to May on Route 110.
Male ☠ Level 17 ☠ Careful
Growl ☠ Water Gun ☠ Supersonic ☠ Wing Attack

I'm a bit sad about Zelos and Reid dying, but in the case of Estellise, who didn't seem too useful, when I got my Aron, I was kind of hoping Estellise would die so I could replace him with Presea. Does that make me a bad person?

Anyways, I did beat Brawley without losing a Pokemon, although Colette got close to dying. And May. Is. A. BITCH. Reid probably would've lived if her stupid Marshtomp didn't manage a critical hit against him >.>

*sigh* Well, I'll be on my way to Mauville, and hopefully will get Nanaly's level up so she can become useful in battle. 'Til later!
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