Jan. 28th, 2011 08:03 pm
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Well, I've been practicing more and more with PhotoShop, mostly with icon making. But I've made quite a few banners and stuff for forums too, namely just for me.

Some of my most recent works (I'll try and go in order of making them, from newest to oldest):

Under here, just in case )

Idk if anyone'll actually take the time to look at my art, but it'd be nice~ I just felt like posting comparisons and progress and the like. I have more stuff I used for signatures too, but those were just resized/cropped/layer moded.

Oh and this is set on Everyone so stalkers can see too <3 Also, please do not take without permission, and if you do take, please credit <3
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I've been wanting one for a long time, yet I have no clue where I'd like to work. GameStop pops up as an idea, but I dunno if it's a good fit for me. Plus, with my social anxiety irl (and somewhat online), it'd be hard getting a decent one since jobs seem to pretty much require that you socialize with others, unless you're working in the back or something. I dunno. I've never actually had a job before where I worked someplace other than home, in my neighborhood, etc.


On a different note, I've been feeling REALLY incompetent lately. I've been feeling incompetent at digital graphics (icons, tags/banners for signatures, avatars for forums, etc.), playing my Muses without having them sound too much like myself, and, well...everything else.

I doubt I can blame the weather for this (I mean, two days off of school is nice, and I get all of next week off, AND I think I get this Friday off too) even though I've chosen to be stuck inside practically all day in my lair.

I suppose I could say I feel like what's required of me is more than I can handle, and that if I make one small mistake someone will blow up at me, which will follow up with my feelings being hurt and quite a few tears. Or maybe it's because I have to put up with my stepgrandfather yelling at my grandmother with Alzheimer's everyday RIGHT BENEATH MY ROOM. God I hope we move soon.


On a more positive note, I -finally- decided to pick up Knights in the Nightmare again and actually beat the damn thing so I can get Meria's route (seriously, I've had this game since its US release, and I hadn't beaten it earlier; I blame the "curse" I have, which is that I can never beat practically any game I ever own). I've been playing it all day rather than stay on here.

Anyways, whoever actually read all this (I doubt anyone did, though), thanks. And if anyone can recommend a decent anime/manga or video game series to me, I'm all ears (keep in mind I only have a DS, PSP, and Wii, plus the emulators I can get are limited since I use a Mac and my PC sucks virtual memory-wise).


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