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Well, I've been practicing more and more with PhotoShop, mostly with icon making. But I've made quite a few banners and stuff for forums too, namely just for me.

Some of my most recent works (I'll try and go in order of making them, from newest to oldest):

I just made this banner today. I combined a gradient background with brushes, an image I rendered myself, and two icons with a drop shadow effect. All the art came from Pixiv while the brushes came from DArt. And I'm actually quite proud of it. Only defect it has that I'm too lazy to fix (I never save stuff as .psd files, orz) is the white on the rendered image right by the scarf. Originally when I had selected that it also selected the inside of the scarf, and although I could've probably fixed that entirely, I chose to leave it be. Character is Natsu Dragneel, my bishie from Fairy Tail, by the way <3

This is sort of just me trying to do something creative. So by making a render out of the character, I chose to add a background with a semi-border with fancy decorations. The character is Tatsukichi Hayama (known as Tatsumi Antoinette XVI while crossdressing like this) from MM! Oh, and this took me like forever to come up with. You wouldn't believe some of my attempts at making this.

Probably one of my first major banner projects? The most I did was mess with the layering modes (which I do for my other banners and stuff) and add brushes. And although it's simple, I think it came out really well <3 Character is Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou.

Now, I know this isn't like the best work ever. I still need to work with text and the like. But, compare this to some of my older stuff on GIMP:

This is probably one of my best products from GIMP. Unlike the PS banners I made, I followed a tutorial for most my GIMP graphics, as I did with this one. Character is Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

This is me trying to do text, and I think it turned out OK. Again, followed a tutorial. You may have also seen this as my past "Friends Only" banner. Character is Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain.

I posted all four of these at once because they all followed the exact same tutorial. Not to mention I can't remember the order I did them in. My personal favorites are the bottom and top of the stack. Characters are (in order from top to bottom) Kotomi Ichinose, CLANNAD; Kotone/Lyra, Pokemon; Liechtenstein, Hetalia; Roswell Branthèse, Yggdra Union/Unison.

For some reason, people really liked this one. I actually didn't really follow a tutorial, and this was really simple to make. Character is Miki from Vocaloid.

I think this one came before the one above, but Idk. Not so special, really. Character is Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia.

Also fairly simple; just pretty much added brushes. Character is Rika Furude, Higurashi.

This is, like, my first time trying to make my own tag. It's actually kind of nice. Idk who the character is, though (found the render on Photobucket under the keywords "clannad render").

Idk if anyone'll actually take the time to look at my art, but it'd be nice~ I just felt like posting comparisons and progress and the like. I have more stuff I used for signatures too, but those were just resized/cropped/layer moded.

Oh and this is set on Everyone so stalkers can see too <3 Also, please do not take without permission, and if you do take, please credit <3


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