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I really would do that, but I have zero self-control. There are so many games I have that I want to beat, and if you add my little problem of never completing most of my games, then this is a bit of a problem. I now have Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology I really want to beat (haha, it'll take forever, probably), there's Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, YU PSP (it'd be nice to get to the battlefield where Nana-tan is encountered), Riviera PSP (and I'll have to go through THAT a couple times >.>), Knights in the Nightmare (I've beaten it ONCE, but I want to get Meria's route), Final Fantasy VII... Heck, there are a lot of them. There are even some games (Crisis Core, for example) that I want to restart and play from the beginning. And with Hexyz Force being released in America later this month, my zero self-control will once again get the better of me and I'll end up buying it.

And of course there's RPing on top of this. I hate calling hiatus in every RP I'm in though (and I still have to call it in one since I lack the motivation to play my character at the moment), and I'm not the best at tagging so quickly...

Then there's school... Thank god my school doesn't have final exams or anything like that.


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