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Was once a Plurk meme, but I figured I'd post here too for my own reference (as it's easier to track this post down then it is to track that Plurk).

Usernames in order of creation.


[ profile] suwako (Lucia, a.k.a. me) - I was in love with Suwako Moriya's theme in Touhou (plus a fanmade video with a remix of it), and so I used her name for my main!
[ profile] kyubishikigami (Ran Yakumo) - She's a kyuubi and a shikigami. First Muse ever, so you can't expect a super cool name :B
[ profile] handsomelech (Gold) - Came straight from a Trope name affiliated with him.
[ profile] heylookabug (Himeka Kujyou) - She loves bugs!
[ profile] wildchildsaph (Sapphire Birch) - She's a wild child, durr.
[ profile] gardenermyon (Youmu Konpaku) - She's a gardener, and "Myon" is a fan term for her ghost half.
[ profile] marisa_stole_it (Alice Margatroid) - From the ever-so-famous "Marisa Stole the Precious Thing" video.
[ profile] shy_kappa (Nitori Kawashiro) - She's a shy kappa :B
[ profile] bravearc (Serene) - She's an Arc, and she's brave.
[ profile] whiterose4ever (Rosary Esmeralda) - She's the head of the White Rose House, so why wouldn't she support it?
[ profile] bottle_faerie (Cierra) - Based on a Trope associated with her.
[ profile] hitode_musou (Fūko Ibuki) - Username translates to "starfish dreamer"--the girl loves starfishes and spaces out often.
[ profile] scarf_assassin (Elena) - She has a scarf, and she's an Assassin.
[ profile] cruz_almighty (Cruz Cruppo Crulielle) - Name's a reference to how Cruz becomes a game breaker if you give him the right items.
[ profile] einlikesrocks (Rose R. Crawford) - Reference to the fact that the main character seems to like holding on to rocks... (She points it out, too.)
[ profile] tenryuu_healer (Wendy Marvell) - She's the Sky Dragonslayer (Sky Dragon = Tenryuu) and she specializes in healing magic.
[ profile] wondersatbeauty (Ruby) - From a Rudolph Steiner poem and references Ruby's obsession with beauty.
[ profile] brb_breeding (Gold) - Innuendo that fits him plus a reference to his title ("The Breeder").
[ profile] shortcroissant (Emerald) - He's short, and a fan joke is that his hair looks like a croissant roll.
[ profile] tsuntaja (Snivy) - Ash's Snivy is kind of tsun, OK.
[ profile] onlyfuguri (Fuguri) - Taken from someone else, Fuguri is a nickname for Leaf so it also fits Leafeon.
[ profile] healingtrap (Yellow de Bosque Verde) - Reference to how Yellow is a healer and how this particular Yellow is actually male.
[ profile] kagerogue (Cail) - He has a Shadow Pokemon when you first battle him in Colosseum and his trainer class is "Rogue".
[ profile] childishplay (Mew) - She's childish and likes to play.
[ profile] pokaccenteballs (Tory) - Back before he became AU this was an account meant for canon!Barry and so the username references a funny line of his in Platinum.
[ profile] crimsonrocket (Red) - Crimson is a shade of red and this particular Red is in Team Rocket.
[ profile] silencedblue (Darkrai) - She's pretty quiet, and the blue references her one eye that stands out in both her human and Pokemon forms.
[ profile] auroralbreeze (Suicune) - References his species and how he can use Ice moves.
[ profile] lunaticdaybreak (Dawn) - Yangire and "daybreak" is a synonymous to her name.
[ profile] bladesofvalor (Lloyd Irving) - He's brave and wields dual blades.
[ profile] withoutsparkles (Ruby) - As a kid he's very battle-happy so would you expect him to have his trademark bishie sparkles?
[ profile] mahoukendama (Genis Sage) - References his specialty (magic) and his weapon of choice.
[ profile] perceiveasoul (Maka Albarn) - She can perceive souls.
[ profile] toukero (Touko) - She loves reptilian/amphibious-like Pokemon! ...Minus Dragons.
[ profile] lawngnomerald (Emerald) - This particular Rald is a lawn gnome and if you add an extra e in there you get his full name.
[ profile] pokemon_hunter (Leaf) - She hunts Pokemon.
[ profile] altomare_artist (Bianca) - She lives in Altomare and is an artist.
[ profile] fightsthepowah (Shiki) - From a rather infamous Gurren Lagann rap song plus references Shiki's position in the AU he's in.
[ profile] championtobe (Black) - He wants to be Champion.
[ profile] echoingbrass (Hibiki) - He's a trombone player and his name means "echo".
[ profile] dreams_mislead (N) - References how he's so misguided.
[ profile] hydrofang (Odai) - Feraligatr have strong fangs and are Water types.
[ profile] somberwildfire (Chili) - To match Cilan's username and references the type he specializes in (Fire).
[ profile] pluckedmelody (Lyra) - Lyres are plucked and produce melodies.
[ profile] roundhousewhite (Touko) - To go with a Touya's username and references the type she specializes in (Fighting).
[ profile] trinityenigma (Athos) - The Dark Trinity/Shadow Triad is very enigmatic.
[ profile] camelliablade (Tsubaki Nakatsukasa) - Her first name means "camellia", and her Weapon form is the Demon Blade.
[ profile] adowapillar (Sewaddle) - It's an adorable caterpillar!
[ profile] dreamwayfarer (Touko) - References the Pokemon she specializes in (Pokemon with Dream World-only moves or abilities).
[ profile] lapisphilia (Steven Stone) - Username translates to "love of rocks/stones", which is so true about this guy.
[ profile] notimetocount (Barry) - From a line of his in DPPt.
[ profile] espritmystique (Morty) - Username translates to "mystic spirit", which has to do with the type he specializes in (Ghost) and his ability as a seer.
[ profile] maidens_prayer (Sayaka Miki) - It is rumored that the music notes in her transformation sequence are from a piece with a name that translates to her username.
[ profile] awakenedlight (Alice) - All Awakenverse Muses must have a certain keyword in their username to describe their status, and Alice is part Volcarona and fire is a light source.
[ profile] dormantwraith (Kyrie) - Same as Alice regarding a keyword in his username; wraith comes from the Pokemon he was (Froslass).
[ profile] swiftestwish (Marley) - All Madokaverse Muses must have "wish" in their username and something to describe the type of wish they made.
[ profile] aibake (Yokai) - Translates to "indigo ghost/indighost", which references her color and type specialty.
[ profile] murasakishi (Cain) - From "murasaki" ("purple") and "kishi" ("knight"); describes his color and role.
[ profile] salvationguns (Lia Dragonell) - References the weapons she uses and what group she's in in the anime.
[ profile] tenaciouswish (Charlotte) - References her Witch title and the fact that she's a Puella Magi and thus had to make a wish.
[ profile] awakenedfiesta (Loke) - Same as Alice and Kyrie for regarding a keyword; fiesta refers to the demeanor of his past self (Ludicolo).
[ profile] sky_maiden (Wendy Marvell) - Her BGM title translated.
[ profile] eliteroyale (Portia) - In Japan it's "Elite Trainer" instead of "Ace Trainer"; Royale refers to the Royal Unova, which she can be found on.
[ profile] ferriswheelin (Touko) - Describes the place she hangs out most.
[ profile] researchassist (Leaf Oak) - She helps her grandfather with his research.
[ profile] sunaryuu (Haruka) - Translates to "sand dragon", which refers to her +Anima (Flygon).
[ profile] timereversing (Homura Akemi) - She reverses time.
[ profile] whiteliberation (Touko) - References how she's a member of Team Plasma, which takes the path of liberation.
[ profile] viridisprimas (Green Oak) - Translates to "green protagonist", which references how he's roleswapped with Red.
[ profile] gildedecho (Hibiki) - References one of the games (Gold/HeartGold) and his name's meaning.
[ profile] lycanhime (Liru) - She's a werewolf princess.
[ profile] miraclewings (Ryouta Kawara) - It's a miracle he's still alive, and he's a bird.
[ profile] metallux (Kouki) - Referencing platinum and his name.
[ profile] whatisthisfun (Sakuya =Le Bel= Shirogane) - A line of his in the game.
[ profile] fortuneminstrel (Kotone) - A gambler and a bard.
[ profile] lunatoned (Liza) - Her strongest Pokemon.
[ profile] snowyvalor (Yuuki) - References his name's meaning plus his hair color.


[personal profile] everlastingdream (Touko) - She's forever stuck in the Dream World.
[personal profile] tornworld (Lucia, a.k.a. me) - I loooooved the Torn/Distortion World in Platinum, especially its music <333
[personal profile] rossofantasma (Kyouko Sakura) - The name Mami gave to Kyouko's final attack.
[personal profile] silverprince (Husky) - References how he's called the "Silver Princess".
[personal profile] timelining (Homura Akemi) - She creates new timelines just for Madoka.
[personal profile] maidensprayer (Sayaka Miki) - See her LJ account.
[personal profile] sky_maiden (Wendy Marvell) - See her second LJ account.
[personal profile] eternalshadow (Dawn) - She's forever stuck in the Torn/Distortion World, where shadowy Giratina dwells.
[personal profile] ninjadoctor (Shuu Iwamine) - Hiyoko calls him one.
[personal profile] pluckedmelody (Lyra) - See her LJ account.
[community profile] playswithdolls (Alice Margatroid) - She makes dolls and uses them for battle.
[personal profile] halfbaked (Youmu Konpaku) - She's half-ghost, half-human. Also references one of her titles.
[personal profile] springflower (Haruka) - One translation of her name.
[personal profile] emeraud (Yuuki) - Translates to "Emerald", which is the game he's taken from.
[personal profile] demonfang (Lloyd Irving) - The most basic Arte of his.
[personal profile] preciousmetal (Hibiki) - References how gold and silver are precious metals.
[personal profile] bentou (Ryouta Kawara) - He's good at cooking and makes his own lunch as well as bentos (lunchboxes) for others.
[personal profile] metallux (Kouki) - See his LJ account.
[personal profile] isshurui (Blair) - References where Isshu's name came from.
[personal profile] grassknot (Gardenia) - Grass Knot is the TM she gives out when you defeat her in DPPt.
[personal profile] whatisthisfun (Sakuya =Le Bel= Shirogane) - See his LJ username.
[personal profile] cageling (Nageki Fujishiro) - He's a fledgling (so to speak), and he's trapped/caged in the library.
[personal profile] asides (Keimi) - In PMD, the protag. kind of speaks/thinks to his/herself a lot.
[personal profile] datenshi (Anghel Higure) - "Da-Tenshi" means "Fallen Angel", which is what Anghel considers himself.
[personal profile] pokaccenteballs (Jun) - See Tory's LJ account.


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