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Ever since I first started off, I have caught more members and evolved some.

So, let's go through the new members first.

This be a Rattata, now a Raticate. So far, both Yak and Shy have lost their Raticates, Nippy and Nippy Jr. So far, Nommy is living up to both their legacies by living and kicking serious ass.

Sixth member Bellsprout! I named it Tou because Tou = Tower in Japanese, and so think of Sprout Tower here. Anyways, I was originally thinking of keeping it on my team for good, but because I already had Cuchu (now a Venusaur) and Abby (now a Nidoqueen), it wouldn't make sense to have a third Poison type. So for right now, Tou is my Cutter.

Lucky the Meowth (now Persian). Yes it's highly uncreative. However, Lucky lives up to its nickname by being extremely lucky, especially with Pay Day <3

Diglett. I wanted to name it Simon, but I thought that was degrading the poor guy a bit. So I named it after the little pig mole thing that follows him around |D It's a Box warmer for the time being.

Ah, Pedo. The second Pokemon I put in the Daycare (after Lucky). Pedo was caught as a Drowzee, though it's now a Hypno. This thing enabled me to take Chou the Butterfree off my team because it pretty much kicks serious ass with Psychic and Tri Attack.

...Also, it probably wasn't a good idea that I put it in the DAYCARE, huh?

Safa the Sandshrew, currently in the Daycare. If any of my team members die, Safa will be next in line on my team.

Rake the Onix, named after Rock + Snake (/lame). Probably won't ever use it.

Lucy the Eevee, now Vaporeon. She's my second newest member but she kicks ass with Bubblebeam and Ice Beam (thank you game for giving it to a little girl to give to you if you give her a Fresh Water). Named after Lucy Heartfilia because I need a Fairy Tail reference in here somehow. She's also on my main team, if you couldn't tell already.

My newest capture, Boo the Gastly. Also probably won't ever be used.


Cuchu's still around and strong as ever. As a fresh Venusaur, it's getting even more powerful. Moveset is Body Slam, Poisonpowder, Leech Seed, and Razor Leaf.

Abby's also still with me as a Nidoqueen. She's a defensive tank, and I'm loving it. Moveset is Poison Sting, Mega Punch, Body Slam, and Rock Slide.

Nommy the Raticate. As mentioned, it's living Nippy's and Nippy Jr.'s legacies at the moment. Moveset is Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, and Hyper Fang.

Lucky the Persian. Likes killing things, and is extremely lucky as its name implies. Moveset is Scratch, Screech, Bite, and Pay Day.

Pedo the Hypno. Likes little children and loves KOing them even more. Moveset is Tri Attack, Hypnosis, Flash, and Psychic.

Lucy the Vaporeon. Freezes things like a boss and will eventually become my Surf Pokemon. Moveset is Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Bubblebeam, and Ice Beam

At this moment, I am gonna probably go to Fuchsia after catching -a- Snorlax. Most likely the one left of Celadon. Misty failed against my Bellsprout and Ivysaur, Surge fell to my Ivysaur, Rattata, and Nidoqueen, and Erika was pwned by Hypno. I'm fairly certain Koga will meet the same fate as Erika.


RIP Beo the Pidgey, levels 5-10.

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Date: 2011-02-15 12:54 am (UTC)
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As of recently, I'm done with Koga, got Surf and Strength, and was about to go on the path that eventually leads you back into Vermilion and Lavender.


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