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My file on Black is getting better and better by every fucking minute.

First I get the most badass Joltik ever (thanks again, Shy! :D) before I take on Lenora. Then I hatch Zorua on Liberty Island (I like hatching eggs in special places all right). Then on VDex (OK so this isn't Black but still) I just click on the Map button and IMMEDIATELY encounter a shiny Darumaka, which I managed to catch.

And now, this:

Nurse: "Oh... It looks like your Pokemon may be infected with the Pokérus."

Half my team is now infected, and I'm willing to bet my Krokorok was the first to get it JUST because his name is Kamina.

This is also the first time I've ever gotten Pokérus without cheating/getting a Pokemon infected with it via trade.

/should probably deposit Cress the Simipour now to preserve the virus until I catch Soul the Witlick
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