Dec. 12th, 2011

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...Because I have quite a few journals I don't use anymore and will probably never use again.

[ profile] kitsukaze
[ profile] cursedtrickster
[ profile] diveintoshine
[ profile] frog_loli
[ profile] kami_sekaikaze
[ profile] white_doggy
[ profile] elemental_heart
[ profile] soul_elemental
[ profile] battlers_trap
[ profile] contests4life
[ profile] soul_droplet
[ profile] konyuki
[ profile] roark_balboa
[ profile] tsukkomipearl
[ profile] bokediamond
[ profile] aquaresist
[ profile] mistwyrm
[ profile] flarewyrm
[ profile] kesshoumiko
[ profile] houennomaihime
[ profile] pandorasbug
[ profile] fansofdoom

If you want one (or two...or all of them), just comment here (or wherever I may link this) and tell me which account(s) you'd like, if you want me to keep anything on them, and where I should send the password to!


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